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Stuff I Like Right Now

Need something to do online?  Check out these links to the music and words capturing my attention right now.



Images from Amazon.com, Borders.com, and terababes.com.


I’m Coming Back

Let’s face it:  I’m pretty uncommitted to this blog.

But I’m coming back.  I’m also opening up the format of this blog from Music to General Crap in the hopes that I publish things more frequently in the future. This is a result of my signing up for a Tumblr account today, subsequently realizing that it’s a simplified version of WordPress*** (which I’m using to run this blog), and finally deciding to start posting on Markfive again rather than start anew.

Anyway, here’s a linkdump!

More to come.

***P.S.:  I’m NOT knocking Tumblr.  I think it’s a great idea.  It’s just not for me.  ‘Kay?