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Plenty of Time to Reconsider

What I don’t get is that he had plenty of time to reconsider his choice while putting those things on.  Seriously – in the hour he probably spent getting pretty for the day, he probably spent at least one hundred and twenty seconds putting on those boots.  And I’m guessing they don’t slip on like flip flops, either.
But really:  Chewbacca from the shin down is a great look, as is Audrey Hepburn from the nose up.

Remember That ‘The Simpsons’ Anime Drawing?

I do. But have you ever seen one with characters from “Futurama?”

Futurama: Super Happy Fun Show [DeviantArt].

Gizoogle – Just hilarious

Translate any website into Snoop-speak at This will make any site…hilarious!

Inside The Show: Panic! At The Disco (Detroit, MI)

Read on for six exclusive, blurry, cell phone pictures from the November 21 Plain White T’s, Jack’s Mannequin, and Panic! At The Disco show at the Palace of Auburn Hills in Detroit, Michigan.  Continue reading

Rumormongering: Fall Out Boy

Did you hear about the big secret? About Fall Out Boy? It’s pretty major; it’s about their future as a band. Big things are in the future… Continue reading

The Seven Stages of Owning an iPod has provided a concise history/outline of the various stages of iPod ownership.  It’s quite funny, check it out here.  And it’s illustrated!  Not a lot of words!  Less reading is always good.

Billboard Updated!

I’ve updated the billboard (finally). It’s now in the format of an image (that looks a lot better than the old HTML table). You can also download a PDF version.

Check out the Billboard Page