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Morning Dew

Condensing on Leaves:

my first 8tracks list.

Have a listen, won’t you? plays in a random order, but here is what I intended:

  1. Untitled, She & Him
  2. Paris Sunrise #7, Ben Harper & The Innocent Criminals
  3. Day Five, Explosions in the Sky
  4. When I Was a Baby, The New Pornographers
  5. Black River Killer, Blitzen Trapper
  6. Please Concrete, Wye Oak
  7. Red Dress, TV On The Radio
  8. We Own The Sky, m83

Last Week of Work!

Well today begins my official last week of work at my summer job, and I’m frankly thrilled about it. I made a playlist to celebrate.

This list is perfect for an iPod playlist or to burn to a CD. It also features a band called Forever The Sickest Kids, an electro-rock band from Dallas, Texas. I highly recommend their tracks; please support this great band! They currently have a five-song introductory EP, and are currently on tour after spending this summer with the Vans Warped Tour.

  1. Eye Know
    De La Soul
  2. Bittersweet
    Kanye West with John Mayer
  3. Venice Queen
    Red Hot Chili Peppers
  4. Modern Chemistry
    Motion City Soundtrack
  5. Wow, I Can Get Sexual Too
    Say Anything
  6. Zak and Sara
    Ben Folds Five
  7. Montreal Calling
  8. The New Black
    Every Time I Die
  9. Becoming A Monster
    Self Against City
  10. I’m Ready
    Jack’s Mannequin
  11. Midnight
    Red Hot Chili Peppers
  12. The Victory (Part 5)
    Joy In Tomorrow
  13. Becky Starz
    Forever The Sickest Kids
  14. Hallelujah
  15. Rockin’ The Suburbs
    Ben Folds Five
  16. Break It Out
    The Rocket Summer
  17. Holiday From Real
    Jack’s Mannequin
  18. Young and Aspiring
  19. She’s A Lady
    Forever The Sickest Kids
  20. Restraining Order Blues
  21. Photobooth
    Death Cab For Cutie

Independence Day Essentials

Well it’s 1:06AM on July 4, 2007 – Independence Day.  It is time to kick back, relax, maybe barbecue a bit, but most of all to be grateful for all that we have and realize all that’s been given up for us.

The purpose of this post is not to justify wars past or to recall the deeds and misdeeds of generations past.  I cannot bring myself to justify war – me being the lefty that I am – but I do know that tremendous sacrifices have been made by men and women who, knowing only that the future must be preserved, we oftentimes know by name alone.

Just remember that in places halfway around the world, people – some still almost children – fought and died so that you can be reading this; so that you can enjoy a day off tomorrow.  Never forget.

Another essential for Independence Day?  Good tunes.  Here is a list of things to check out:

  • Guns N’ Roses – If you’re having trouble picking songs, check out their killer Greatest Hits album, which has great originals and covers alike.
  • Velvet Revolver – Their new album Libertad was released just today, and it’s just as rock-out-loud as awesome as their debut, Contraband.
  • Paramore – Their sophomore effort (Riot!) is almost as great as their debut (All We Know Is Falling).  Blast the loud ones for some good fun.
  • The Academy Is… – Ah yes.  Their perfect first album Almost Here never lets up – neither in terms of energy nor quality.  It is one of the few albums I own that is one hundred percent great.
  • Sublime – The reggae/rock group is always great for backyard lounging, or lounging anywhere for that matter.  Play some of their jams later in the day, kick back, and watch the sunset.  It would be…sublime.

Any suggestions?  Add your ideal Independence Day artists in the comments.  It’s easy!

Easy Playlist Creation with “The Filter”

Windows, OS X and Nokia app The Filter allows you to select two or three songs in iTunes and generate a playlist you can transfer back into iTunes or onto your iPod.  Why make a playlist yourself when a computer can do it for you?

Check it out here.

Here We Go Again: More Free Music from the Apple Students Group on Facebook

Last year, you may remember my extensive coverage of those free samplers released weekly on via the Apple Students group (here it is if you don’t). Well, Facebook and iTunes just teamed up with Sub Pop Records (the label of artists like The Shins, whose album Wincing The Night Away I reviewed earlier this year).

This playlist, which includes eleven tracks, is much more organized than last year’s offerings: the songs are arranged into a single album to make the list as a whole easier to find, and also have attached album art.

So could Facebook and iTunes be teaming up with more labels this summer? Who knows. The only thing to do now is check that Facebook group – word is that the offer is limited and set to end on June 30.

An End-Of-Spring-Break Playlist! Crank the Volume to 11

I’ve decided to throw a playlist together to squeeze the best out of the last 24 hours of my spring break.  So let’s turn the volume up to eleven on these sixteen songs that will keep you going for days… Continue reading

(Finally, A) New Playlist!

Before my next On Tour column is released (hopefully Monday, Mar. 26, 2007), I’ve decided to reward those of you who are still, for whatever reason, visiting my website. The reward? Why, a new playlist, of course! Continue reading