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Morning Dew

Condensing on Leaves:

my first 8tracks list.

Have a listen, won’t you? plays in a random order, but here is what I intended:

  1. Untitled, She & Him
  2. Paris Sunrise #7, Ben Harper & The Innocent Criminals
  3. Day Five, Explosions in the Sky
  4. When I Was a Baby, The New Pornographers
  5. Black River Killer, Blitzen Trapper
  6. Please Concrete, Wye Oak
  7. Red Dress, TV On The Radio
  8. We Own The Sky, m83

Stuff I Like Right Now

Need something to do online?  Check out these links to the music and words capturing my attention right now.



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I’m Glad “The New Yardbirds” Didn’t Stick

Ever wonder where band names come from?  Why Vampire Weekend, Queen, and Oasis are named the way they are?  An interesting list compiled by DanFalco over at chronicles the origins of various bands’ names from !!! to ZZ Top.  It’s quite an interesting read, and fairly comprehensive.

Check it out!

And by the way, “The New Yardbirds” was the name adopted by Jimmy Page, Robert Plant, John Bonham, and John Paul Jones before they became superstars as Led Zeppelin

In Brief: Holy Crap, It’s an Effective Music Search Engine

New music search engine “Just Hear It” purports to be able to find “any song in the world.” Not only can it find the song, it can play the song for free, make playlists, etc., all within a stunning interface. Check it out.


So I’m in Hong Kong right now on holiday with my family…surprise!  I’ll be back on the 27th and will have new posts shortly thereafter.  I’m taking lots of pictures that I’ll post here and on my Flickr page, and I picked up Oasis’ new album (with plans to get more:  CDs are cheaper here than they are in the US).

See y’all soon!

An Alternative to iTunes? Songbird 1.0 Review  Will this program replace iTunes? Will this program replace iTunes?

Apple’s iTunes is one of the most popular media library management applications currently on the market.  It’s available for free, comes pre-installed on all Apple computers, supports all of the most popular audio and video formats, and is the most compatible application with the iPod.

But a tall tree attracts a lot of wind.  Just as Mozilla decided to take on the task of toppling Internet Explorer’s dominance of the web browser world (after a few other companies tried), a new start-up is trying to take on iTunes.  And wouldn’t you know it:  their software is based upon the same code as Mozilla’s Firefox.  Continue reading

Vests and Cardigans; Therefore Music?

Urban Outfitters, the clothing and, for some reason, furniture, dealer of choice for all the coolest kids is releasing a twenty-one-song mix on their blog.  Oh yeah, I guess they have a blog as well.

Download the free mix here.

Source:  Too much free time before school starts.