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Plenty of Time to Reconsider

What I don’t get is that he had plenty of time to reconsider his choice while putting those things on.  Seriously – in the hour he probably spent getting pretty for the day, he probably spent at least one hundred and twenty seconds putting on those boots.  And I’m guessing they don’t slip on like flip flops, either.
But really:  Chewbacca from the shin down is a great look, as is Audrey Hepburn from the nose up.

I’m Glad “The New Yardbirds” Didn’t Stick

Ever wonder where band names come from?  Why Vampire Weekend, Queen, and Oasis are named the way they are?  An interesting list compiled by DanFalco over at chronicles the origins of various bands’ names from !!! to ZZ Top.  It’s quite an interesting read, and fairly comprehensive.

Check it out!

And by the way, “The New Yardbirds” was the name adopted by Jimmy Page, Robert Plant, John Bonham, and John Paul Jones before they became superstars as Led Zeppelin

Big Brother is Watching…

you!  On the CTA!  Creeper blog “R.O.C.K. on the C.T.A.” collects pictures of funny, odd, and attractive people on Chicago trains and buses.  It’s a little bit creepy, but browsing through the site is oddly interesting and very often funny.

Many thanks go to Gapers Block, a blog that posted a link to “R.O.C.K.” on their Twitter feed.