Going Back to Philly

This came out a while ago, but it’s worth revisiting.  To promote the fourth season of “It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia,” the always hilarious and inappropriate comedy, FX put out a music video featuring the cast of the show.

In a sort of twisted way, this video somehow perfectly describes and encapsulates the show.  Or, conversely, the show is just like the music video with dialogue instead of music and lyrics.  And yes, I do mean that everything translates – the excess of alcohol, Danny DeVito, and confusingly inexplicable bits.

You’ll have to check out the show for yourself to fully understand its greatness.  But please…please don’t let small children watch.


One response to “Going Back to Philly

  1. I love this show! Watching it on Hulu is partially responsible for my decline in GPA second semester.

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