“Glass Passenger” Preorders Open, With a Decision to be Made

Preorders for “The Glass Passenger,” the second studio album from Jack’s Mannequin, opened today on the band’s site jacksmannequin.com.  Currently three packages are available:

  • The “Digital” Package, which includes a digital download copy of the album and a 5″x7″ lyric and photo booklet for $14.
  • The “Retro” Package, including the digital album as well as a double vinyl package and the booklet for $25.
  • The “Traditional” Package, which includes a hard-copy CD, a digital download of the album, a DVD of “Choke, California,” a short film starring lead singer and pianist Andrew McMahon and an autographed and numbered poster for the movie $30.

All of the packages include a digital copy of the song “Miss California,” which purchasers will be able to download upon buying a preorder set.  The mp3, however, has already been uploaded to a number of sites[UPDATE:  Nevermind – both of the filesharing services that hosted the mp3 have taken down the file due to copyright violations.  That was fast!]

I haven’t decided yet as to which set I’m going to preorder, if any at all.  I’m tempted to save money and preorder the CD alone on Amazon when it becomes available.  However, I’d be lying to say that the movie and signed poster aren’t enticing incentives. Still, I’d find it hard to accept paying $14 for a low-quality digital download when I could pay about the same amount for a full-quality CD when the album is (finally) released.  And while the extra goodies that accompany the album in the preorder bundles are a nice addition, what truly matters to me is the music on the CD.  And I’m nearly beside myself with excitement for the release of this CD.  The band’s debut, “Everything In Transit,” remains one of my favorite albums to date.

Leave your thoughts in the comments.

Image Source:  Amazon.com.


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