Finding Music through Google

With the popular ISP Comcast now attempting to thwart users of BitTorrent (an excellent way to get music, if I may say so), many users are now turning to Google to find the tracks they so desire.  There are several ways to use the ubiquitous search engine to find MP3s.

  1. First, we have the most complex-looking, although often the most effective, method.  Simply type the following into your nearest Google search box:
    1. “band” last modified mp3 “index of” -html -htm -php -asp
    2. Next, you’ll want to type the name of the band you want where word “band” is, keeping the quotations intact.
    3. Google should return some open directories filled with MP3s.
    4. Its a complicated search string to remember, so I recommend bookmarking it for easy retrieval
  2. The next method is similar to the first, although it’s a bit more eye-pleasing than “band” last modified…blah, blah, blah.
    1. Navigate your way to, which uses virtually the same string as method #1.  The benefit of this method is that it provides a nice user interface.
  3. The final method I will detail today is a site called Exploseek, which takes G2P a step further.
    1. All you have to do is go to and type in the name of the band or song you’re looking for.  The site will then simultaneously search Google, Windows Live, Yahoo!, and other search engines.
    2. Again you will be provided with open directories of music.

Some final tips: these methods work equally well while searching for small and large artists alike, although you may have trouble finding some of the smallest or most obscure artists.  Also, be wary of the site, which merely links you to sites that charge for music.  The link you click may look like a traditional open directory, but do not be fooled!

If you cannot find what you’re looking for through Google, try searching for MP3 blogs, which take the guesswork out of looking through dozens of open directories by doing the hard work for you and posting links to free MP3s online.  I recommend the blog “An Aquarian Exposed.

Good luck in your hunt!


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