Featured Song: “Love is a Losing Game”

Amy Winehouse is known for her soulful, smooth and jazzy voice, and those characteristics certainly shine in her lounge groove, Love is a Losing Game.

The only thing working against this song is that it is far too short – just over two and a half minutes. But they are two and a half slow, sexy minutes. Winehouse’s voice is its finest on this track; it is far smoother than songs like Rehab or Me and Mr. Jones.

Speaking of the music from her latest, Back to Black, you really cannot go wrong with the disc. Its eleven songs are filled with brilliant songs that pay tribute to classic jazz and soul music. From the gospel/Ray Charles-esque backup singers in Me and Mr. Jones and the cool bass and shining horns on You Know I’m No Good, Winehouse’s album drips with class. So, yes, I highly recommend it to anyone who has ever thought they might enjoy jazz.

Oh, and check out the melody in the verses of Tears Dry on Their Own.  You just might recognize it.  Maybe.

Image Credit: musicpassport.org


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