I Have Joost Invites

Yes, it’s true: having been an early beta tester for Joost, the new-fandangled internet TV viewer, I have all of those new, sought-after invites for non-members.

Joost allows you to watch free TV over the internet; many cable TV channels and even music labels have signed up to offer their content over this new network. Comedy Central and Fueled by Ramen Records both have Joost channels. It’s like a very, very high-quality version of YouTube.

All you have to do is open the program to turn your computer into a TV. And you can have a Mac or Windows box, too.

I’m offering invites on a first-come, first-serve basis. Send requests to
markfiveblog [at-sign] gmail [period] com.

(I have to write my email address like that to avoid spam. But it’s pretty easy to figure out).

But trust me, Joost is well worth the email. New channels are being added constantly, and the developers even have the support of the ginormous TV network CBS.

{Official Joost Website}


One response to “I Have Joost Invites

  1. Joost is pretty sweet. It has a lot of upside to it once even more content providers sign on.

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