Featured Song: Feb. 12, 2007

A gentle acoustic introduction accentuated by bold vocals begin a classic song by The Format, a little known band that deserves a great deal of attention for their unique style and creative use of some less common instruments.

The intro makes way for a main verse and chorus reminiscent of classic bluegrass ballads complete with an accordion and banjo. The vocals work perfectly mixing two odd bedfellows, country and indie, into one of the most enjoyable slow songs I’ve heard in a while. If you only listen to the melody, you only get half of the song’s meaning. The lyrics are almost cuttingly bitter: “You’re a mess to be made…and the dream starts to fade,” but also paint a beautiful picture, avoiding abstractions like “love,” and “hate,” which so many songs today use all too frequently.

Depth and melodic beauty?  How can you go wrong?

The Format’s “A Mess To Be Made” is available on their 2003 album, Interventions and Lullabies, available on Elektra / Wea. 

“A Mess to be Made” is also available on the iTunes Music Store ($1)


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