Song of the Week: January 14, 2007: Procrastination is the New Hard Work

Well I’m done studying for the night. And aside from the fact that my dad made fun of me over the phone in front of my relatives about studying anatomy with a girl (which i was, in the most literal sense), it went pretty well.

But anyways, I’ve picked a new song of the week.

Yeah, I know I’m breaking my hiatus, but I’ve never really been one to keep promises to myself. Before my friends tipped me off to this song, I’d never heard of the artist, Matt Nathanson. This song is actually a bit of a paradox: the melodies are nothing new or innovative, but the song sports many complicated (and well-executed) rhythm changes between verse, prechorus, and chorus. It’s got a nice, syncopated groove and reminds me a bit of Snow Patrol, only with more energy.

Like I said, it’s not earning any big points in the creativity department, but with the rock genre divided into so may subcategories these days, it’s nice to see something that goes back to basics. Sure, I could say that this song doesn’t do anything new for the genre, and should thus be thrown out. But what’s wrong with doing something simple really well?

This week’s song: “Pretty The World,” by Matt Nathanson.

Matt Nathanson’s 2003 album, Beyond The Fireworks, is available now from Acrobat Records.

“Pretty The World,” is available on iTunes (US Store, $1)


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