It’s Dark Horse Time!

The 2007 Bloggie Awards (officially the “Seventh Annual Weblog Awards”) are officially open to nominations now! Feel free to nominate your most favorite music blog in the whole wide world…or you could nominate Markfive.

FYI, this site is based in North America (the US) and is eligible for the “under-19-years-old” category.

If you nominate Markfive Blog, let me know in the comments section of this post! A very special prize might be sent out to a lucky winner if this blog wins an award… Perhaps a Rolling Stone subscription?

At any rate, thanks again to my awesome audience for keeping up with the site and keeping it alive.

If you didn’t see the link before, here it is: nominate.


2 responses to “It’s Dark Horse Time!

  1. Yessir, one nomination for Markfive!

  2. Since I am sweet, and well yeah just awesome. I nominated you three times. You already knew this but I am leaving you a comment like you asked!!!!


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