Happy Holidays Everybody

I’d just like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas, Happy Chanukah, or a good whatever winter holiday you celebrate.

Don’t forget: this is the perfect season for you to give the gift of music to your loved ones! Gift cards, CDs, Mix Tapes, or suggestions to visit my site are all great ways to spread the joy of music this holiday season. Or you could go caroling door-to-door. But only if the people in your neighborhood would enjoy it; some people are just not jolly.

But I hope you are. And I hope your holiday will be as enjoyable as mine has been.


2 responses to “Happy Holidays Everybody

  1. Maybe it’s time to do the flip side!

    So far, you’ve been blogging about what you liked. How about something you don’t like, something you hate and detest, something so awful that you have to wonder why anyone in his right mind would’ve recorded!

    It’ll be good for laughs. But, anyway, merry christmas to you. And to all a good night.

  2. I second; it’d be a very interesting read

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