iLike: No, This Isn’t About Borat

I’ve covered web applications like and Pandora before, but I’ve recently found a Mac program that deserves some attention.  The program is called iLike.  It’s an iTunes plugin for Mac OSX  that creates a sidebar in the iTunes window that shows you related artists and songs based on the song you’re playing.  It also collects information about your music library in an online profile.

Clicking a link in the sidebar will take you to a database page on the iLike site with artist info, album covers, etc.  That page also contains 30-second samples of the songs, and allows you to play the video (if there is one available).

iLike is still in beta form, that is, the program isn’t completed yet (neither the iTunes or web browser component).  But it is also a work in progress.  I think this has a lot of potential, especially within the OSX community.  So, if you’ve got a Mac and want to improve your music library, go download iLike


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