Free Music Alert…Courtesy of Nissan?

I’ve found more free music, this time by riskily clicking one of those flash ads in a article. The ad was for the 2007 Nissan Sentra. It didn’t seem like anything special at first, but upon closer inspection, I noticed that there were four playlists of full-length songs you could listen to. What’s better: you can download the tracks for free!   There are 16 tracks total, and most of them are of the “electronic” genre.  I’m still listening to them as I write this; I may post a review of this list later on.
In the ad, Nissan provides an “email to a friend” link so you can, well, email the list to a friend. But, instead of asking for all of your email addresses, I’ll just give you the link Nissan gave me:

Nissan Sentra Free Traxxx


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