Markfive Playlist: Music Therapy

Just one of those days? Got a case of the Mondays? Yeah, we’ve all had them, but sometimes it’s hard to find a good sequence and mix of songs to relax the tension from a long day’s work. I’ve compiled a list of songs sure to relax you from a hard day.

Now, you may notice the beginning songs are quite..intense. That’s because for proper music therapy to take place (in my professional opinion) you need songs that correspond with your anger or bad mood before you get into the relaxing stuff:

  1. Moving For The Sake Of Motion
    (Optional/for really bad days; only if you want screamo/metal)
  2. Smile In Your Sleep
  3. Saying Sorry
    Hawthorne Heights
    (Moderate screaming)
  4. Paper Thin Hymn
  5. Rise From The Ashes
  6. Someone Else’s Arms
  7. Slow Down
    The Academy Is…
  8. Dark Blue
    Jack’s Mannequin
  9. Blue Skies
    Blackpool Lights
  10. What I Got
  11. Chasing Cars
    Snow Patrol
  12. Busted
  13. White Daisy Passing
    Rocky Votolato
  14. Better Together
    Jack Johnson

Given the last few tracks, this would be a great track to use to unwind after a hard day right before bed. Download, listen, enjoy and most importantly: RELAX!

Update: The iMix is available on iTunes now!  You can legally buy all of the songs at once.  $14


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