Update: Facebook+iTunes Alternative List #3

Earlier this week, Facebook and iTunes released one of their final playlists, a third alternative list. Here’s my review

By and large, the Alternative lists released have been the best, at least by my taste. Here are my favorite songs from the latest one in no particular order:

  • Blue Skies
    Blackpool Lights
    This is a great, energetic song in a similar vein as that of Motion City Soundtrack. The guitars are given the same effects and distortion, and the drums have a similar (but more tame) style as that of MCS’ drummer. It’s a great mood-lifter.
  • Busted
    When you first play this track, you think, “Country? No way, man. This doesn’t belong on this list.” Then the lead singer chimes in with a distinctly alternative sound. I love the way this song blends the effects of country guitars with indie-rock vocals.
  • Gotta Have You
    The Weepies
    What a cute song! Okay, so it’s pretty light and airy fare, but it’s a great song for relaxing. It’s extremely mellow and sounds like something they’d play in a serious, contemplative scene of Gray’s Anatomy.
  • Gunslinger (Runnin’ Out Of Time)
    Over It
    Back to more rock-based alternative! This track has a slower, more careful tempo in the verse but breaks out into full swing in the chorus. It’s nothing too deep, but it’s a pretty enjoyable song.
  • Love Is My Religion
    Ziggy Marley
    “Hey, this guy sounds like Bob Marley! And he even has the same last name!” Oh, he’s Bob Marley’s son, continuing his father’s tradition of incredibly sublime and relaxing reggae. This is a bubbly, happy track that is incredibly optimistic; it’s quite refreshing.
  • Postcards From Italy
    The ukulele (correct me if I have the wrong instrument) provides a mood similar to Ziggy Marley’s track, but when the drums kick in, you know that it is a completely different song from Love Is My Religion. You’ll know this specifically from the tango-style rhythms (and melodies). The mastering of this track reminds me of Farewell Wenches, a track from the second Hip Hop list.
  • The Swish
    The Hold Steady
    There’s nothing really unique here, I just really like this song. It’s rock, pure and simple. That’s all I have to say.
  • Too Much Space
    Lisa Germano
    The piano is this piece is slow, contemplative, and most of all, beautiful. It’s a great song to fall asleep to, which wouldn’t be hard. The album art (which depicts a winter scene) is especially fitting for the mood conveyed by this song.

Eight songs is a lot. I think the fact that most of my favorites have been from Alternative lists shows that those lists are…better. Download these songs and enjoy: I’m sure you will.


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