Update: Facebook+iTunes Hip Hop Sampler #2

Yes, I’ve finally gotten around to it: a review of Facebook+iTunes’ list of 25 Hip Hop songs from last week. Most of you know me: normally I don’t dig the Hip Hop. This list wasn’t too bad, however. There are some good songs buried in here:

  • Farewell Wenches (Outro)
    Maybe I just like the loops in this one; they have a very vintage feel.  The artificial crackle (meant to simulate the sound of vinyl) adds to this vibe.  The lyrics seem like typical Hip Hop fare, but give them a second listen: they can actually be quite deep.
  • Gatheration
    Lady Sovereign
    This one’s really off-beat: a British lass laying down mad rhymes (I promise never to write or say this again).  She was featured recently in Rolling Stone, so I wasn’t completely surprised to find this track in the list.  It’s worth a listen or two, but isn’t too deep.
  • I’m a Fighter
    Supernatural & Choklate
    By far this is the deepest and most profound of any song on this list.  The lyrics talk of perserverence, dealing with struggle…being a fighter.  Definitely worth a good, deep listen.
  • Minors Into Fire
    SonGodSuns & Bus Driver
    This is another song with great loops.  It can be pretty repetitive but the background track makes this song very lovable.  Musically, this is probably the best song of the bunch.
  • Private Dancer (Explicit Version)
    We Got Action featuring Rhymefest
    This one just has funny lyrics.  For some reason, the chorus is just catchy and enjoyable.  The way the singer says, “I love my private dancer,” is great
  • Zingy (Featuring Beenie Man)
    This one has the worst lyrics of the entire list (it’s mostly “zingy, zangy, zongy” stuff), but it’s so funny that it’s worth a listen.  It definitely becomes catchy after a while.

Facebook+iTunes also released a third Alternative list today; the list should be up now and my review should be up soon after.


6 responses to “Update: Facebook+iTunes Hip Hop Sampler #2

  1. i want to know one of the songs that was on big mommas house 2, i dont know it.. but the lyrics are like

    i saw that girl in cali, i call her she dont answer. and so on..

  2. its called “private dancer” by We Got Action featuring Rhymefest

  3. Yo. thanks. I couldn’t finc that song anywhere

  4. wut is da song dat goes “my life be like”

  5. my life be like by the grits. amazing song!

  6. heyy where can i find the lyrics for private dancer by we got action ft rhymefest


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