Facebook+iTunes Alternative Sampler #3

Facebook+iTunes released another playlist this week: another Alternative list! Oh joy. If it’s as good as the last two Alt lists…it’ll be good…Here’s the track listing. My review should be up sometime later this week.

  1. Love Is My Religion
    Ziggy Marley
  2. Night On Fire
    VHS or Beta
  3. Sundress
    Ben Kweller
  4. Put It Out for Good
    Amy Ray
  5. A Cold World
    The Electric Soft Parade
  6. You’re So Pretty…
    Field Music
  7. Late Night, Early Town
    Lloyd Cole
  8. God Is Going to Get Sick of Me
    Aberdeen City
  9. 360 (Album Version)
    Josh Hoge
  10. The Swish
    The Hold Steady
  11. Gunslinger (Runnin’ Out of Time)
    Over It
  12. Blue Skies
    Blackpool Lights
  13. Falling By the Wayside
    People In Planes
  14. Too Much Space
    Lisa Germano
  15. I Really Like You
    The Lovely Feathers
  16. She’s So Cold
    The Golden Republic
  17. So Long
    Willy Mason
  18. Busted
  19. New Light of Tomorrow
    Husky Rescue
  20. Gotta Have You
    The Weepies
  21. Higher
  22. ‘Cause You Can
  23. Call In The Cavalry
    The Shys
  24. Worthwhile
    Greg Laswell
  25. Postcards From Italy

Get your redeem code now from Facebook or have a friend burn it for you if you don’t have a Facebook account.


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