finetune Beta – The Accessable Internet Radio Community

I’ve told you about  I’ve told you about Pandora.  But I haven’t told you about finetune, the latest internet radio community.

At its core, finetune works upon the same concept of and Pandora:

  • You type in an artist you like
  • It generates a “station” (or playlist) based on your input
  • You hear new songs and expand your knowledge of music!

However, I find finetune to be better because of its differences from Pandora and First of all, unlike Pandora, finetune feels more complete, more like a community, not just a call-and-response radio system. Unlike, finetune requires no other software (it is Flash-based like Pandora and runs in your browser) and, most notably, finetune is free.

Another feature I liked is the fact that you can navigate the site without the song stopping. They’ve really applied a great concept that all media sites (like YouTube and Yahoo! Music) should integrate.

Now I’m not saying that Pandora and aren’t excellent programs. In fact, finetune is still in its more infantile stages and is considerably less well-known than or Pandora.

However, the finetune experience combines the best features of Pandora and into one program. It’s like the lovechild of Pandora and For that reason, I am recommending you at least give it a try. It costs nothing and you can even create your own personal stations and favorites (given you sign up for a free account).

Check it out! What have you got to lose? 


One response to “finetune Beta – The Accessable Internet Radio Community

  1. Finetune is very good, but I feel somehow compelled to create the perfect mix tape from it for my personal radio, and in that way it doesn’t serve me well as a radio. I keep coming back to Pandora just for it’s simplicity is just beyond me.


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