Facebook+iTunes Hip Hop List 2

Facebook+iTunes have released their latest playlist today; this time they return to Hip Hop.

I’ll try to actually have a review of this Hip Hop list this time. For now, though, here are the 25 songs on this week’s list:

  1. Deep Off (Featuring Bun B and Mdle Fingaz)
    Bun B, Chamillionaire & Mdle Fingaz
  2. I’m Back
    Young Jeezy & DJ Drama
  3. Lay U Flat
    B Real, Proof of D12
  4. I’m a Fighter
    Supernatural & Chocolate
  5. Circle Circle Dot Dot
    Jamie Kennedy & Stu Stone
  6. Zingy (Featuring Beenie Man)
  7. Side Two
    DJ Ese & Aesop Rock and Babbletron
  8. Don’t Get It Twisted
    Mr. Capone-e
  9. Encoded Flow (Featuring Kadence)
    Dabrye featuring Kadence
  10. Top of the World
    Mekalek & Shawn Jackson
  11. Pure
    Vikter Duplaix
  12. Rock the Boat
    Kinnie Starr
  13. Street Legends (Featuring A-Plus & Pep Love)
    Blue Sky Black Death
  14. Uptown Downtown
    Benjamin Zephaniah
  15. Private Dancer (Explicit Version)
    We Got Action featuring Rhymefest
  16. Farewell Wenches (Outro)
  17. Funky Dudley
    Dudley Perkins
  18. Hear Me Now
    Roc ‘C’
  19. Albany
    Kev Brown
  20. Minors Into Fire
    SonGodSuns & Bus Driver
  21. Deliquesced By Devonshire
    The Link Quartet
  22. Take the Dance
    Deux Process
  23. Turfs Up (Clean)
    Beeda Weeda
  24. Guerreiro
  25. Gatheration
    Lady Sovereign

And now for some incentive for you to keep checking the site back after Facebook+iTunes stop releasing playlists:

As I’ve been keeping track of my favorites throughout this wonderful journey that is the Facebook+iTunes playlist collection, I’ll release (at this point) two playlists with my favorite tracks from all of the lists! One will have more relaxed, chill music while the other will have louder, more energetic tracks. The first will be released October 2 and the next October 9.

So, keep checking back!


One response to “Facebook+iTunes Hip Hop List 2

  1. do you know where i can find the song “private dancer”?

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