Facebook+iTunes Rock List #2

Yeah, I’m a bit late on this one, but here’s the complete song list

If you’re looking or my favorites of this list, click here.

  1. The Reincarnation of Benjamin Breeg
    Iron Maiden
  2. Writing On the Walls
  3. Mr. High & Mighty
    Gov’t Mule
  4. Okayalright
  5. Your Touch
    The Black Keys
  6. Half Of My Heart
    The Mooney Suzuki
  7. Wolves
    Josh Ritter
  8. Redneck
    Lamb of God
  9. For Us
    Pete Yorn
  10. Time Bomb
    The Format
  11. Paper Thin Hymn
  12. Lookin’ for a Job
    Todd Snider
  13. Devil
  14. Radio
  15. Tanis
  16. Marcello Mastrioanni
    Oliver Future
  17. Wildfire
    Gary Wright
  18. Wish For
  19. Don’t Wait
  20. Canal Song (End of Sentence)
    Iain Archer
  21. Letters (Acoustic)
    Stroke 9
  22. Love Punch
    The Chalets
  23. Let’s Pretend
    No Fi Soul Rebellion
  24. Over
    Evans Blue
  25. Taking Back Control

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