Update: Facebook+iTunes Alt List #2

Back to business. Last week, Facebook and iTunes released their second playlist of the Alternative genre. I can safely say that this selection of songs is far better than the first alt list. They’re getting better at this stuff…

Here are my top picks:

  1. Suzie
    Boy Kill Boy
    Reminds me of Brit Rock. Good Brit Rock. It’s a very enjoyable tune in the style of Franz Ferdiand with good digital effects.
  2. Junior Kickstart
    The Go! Team
    Instrumentals only? Woah. It can be repetitive, but it’s unique in its lack of lyrics.
  3. She Moves in Secret Ways
    Polly Paulusma
    A jazzy, contemplative song perfect for relaxing to a cool ocean breeze. This is sure to relax you, you just have to give it time.
  4. Another One Goes By
    The Walkmen
    Another one sure to make you relax, this one reminds me of The Killers mixed with the Raconteurs.
  5. Do It Alone
    This is classic college rock. With its full-time guitars and drums, a fast pace is set by this energetic yet not over-the-top song.
  6. Someone Else’s Arms
    If you’ve never heard of Mae, the best comparisson I can make would be to call them a more relaxed SR-71. The singer’s style and vocal range especialy remind me of SR-71. This track has “victory song” written all over it
  7. Creeps Me Out
    Ima Robot
    The band’s great and funny name definitely suits its style. This bouncy, poppy track will not creep you out at all.
  8. White Daisy Passing
    Rocky Votolato
    This is another song that will cause your heartrate to drop to an almost dangerously-low state. It’s not hard to pass time away with this song. It also screams (through the whispered lyrics) folk.
  9. Crawl
    Pistol Star
    The perfect ending to this playlist, Crawl is an all-acoustic song that brings back memories of the acoustic recording of Plush by Stone Temple Pilots (which you should download as well).

Also, Facebook+iTunes released a second rock playlist. I’ll have the review up as soon as I can. For now, enjoy these tunes.


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