Facebook+iTunes Alt Sampler #2

Facebook and iTunes released their latest 25-song back-to-school sampler today. Guess some people are still working on Labor Day.

Here’s the latest list of songs:

  1. This Is Everything
    Tegan and Sara
  2. Rough Gem
  3. Your Eyes Are Liars
    Sound Team
  4. Fall At Your Feet
  5. Suzie
    Boy Kill Boy
  6. Thursday
    Asobi Seksu
  7. Junior Kickstart
    The Go! Team
  8. Attagirl
    Bettie Serveert
  9. She Moves in Secret Ways
    Polly Paulusma
  10. Another One Goes By
    The Walkmen
  11. The Man Who Came to Stay (B-Side)
  12. What Does It Mean Now?
    World Party
  13. Do It Alone
  14. Throw It All Away
    Brandi Carlile
  15. Someone Else’s Arms
  16. Not Just Words
    The Black Heart Procession
  17. Creeps Me Out
    Ima Robot
  18. Stay
    Small Sins
  19. White Daisy Passing
    Rocky Votolato
  20. Lie to Me
  21. Lovers Who Uncover
    The Little Ones
  22. Novotel
    Adam Green
  23. Special
  24. Straight to Hell
  25. Crawl
    Pistol Star

I’m heading back to school this week, so updates will be less frequent in all likelihood. I’ll try and write up my top picks from this list before or during this weekend. For now, enjoy!

Steve Irwin, Rest in Peace.


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