Update: Facebook+iTunes Electronic List

When I saw the word “Electronic,” I got excited. I was thinking I would get 25 trippy-techno songs. While some of them are, others are not what’d you’d traditionally expect. Many of the songs have a distinct Latin flare (see right), which is really quite interesting.

This is by far the most unique and interesting list provided by iTunes via Facebook so far. The songs have an electronic mood, but not the stereotypical trance sound that I expected. Many of the songs have a distinct lounge/jazz feel to them, while others would feel right at home in a Mitsubishi commercial. This list would sound great playing in the background at a party.

I also have to say that the songs on this list have some of the best album art I’ve seen in a long while.

Here are my top picks from this list, although I recommend that you download them all.

  1. Circles
  2. Face The Music (Kascade Club Mix Edit)
    Conjure One
  3. Sao Verought
    Voom Voom
  4. Cherry
    Lisa Shaw
  5. Here (In Your Arms)
  6. City Of Love
    Persephone’s Bees
  7. Deeper
  8. All This Love
    The Similou
  9. Tamarindio
    Adrian Quesada & Ocote Soul Sounds

Again, I highly recommend listening to the entire 25-song list, they’re all worth at least one play.


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