Important Update: My Library

(If you don’t care about technical details, skip this paragraph) In the past, I’ve used an applescript to export my library as an HTML file. This format is easy to use for everyone (since if you can see my site, you can see that page), but it was hard and unreliable for me to export. The command would often time-out.

Therefore, I’m now posting my library as a PDF file. Fear not! Every OS can read these types of files. But, to make sure you can, here’s the link to the free Adobe Reader program, which will read PDF files

Enjoy the new list! It’s much prettier than before (and isn’t that the most important thing?)

In the future, I may change the billboard to PDF format in the interest of consistency, but I will make that decision when the time comes.

Oh, and don’t forget to check out my update on the Facebook+iTunes Electronic List (just below if you’re on the home page)


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