BandWatch: The Working Title

As you may know, I recently attended a local concert for my friend’s band Between Broken Ends. As I was leaving, some weird kids came up to me and gave me and my friend Joe free stuff. I got a boxing-glove keychain, for one, but also a sampler for a band called The Working Title.

The three-song EP was handed out “Compliments OF Rock-A-Billy’s,” a local record store. I didn’t really expect much from this sampler, but once I copied it to my computer and started listening, I realized that they have a pretty decent sound. I can’t quite put my finger on what it reminds me of (no sarcasm intended), I guess you’ll just have to have a listen for yourself.

There’s a lot of reverb on the electric guitars and a fairly interesting bass beat. The vocals will be nothing new for alternative/emo fans, but they’re definitely good.

The band’s 2006 debut album About Face is available now from Universal/Cause For Alarm, but is also part of iTunes’ “Great Albums, Great Prices” sale. See it here

I highly recommend checking the album out (I know I will be), or at least the songs on the sampler:

  1. The Mary Getaway (I Lost Everything)
  2. Nothing Less Radiant
  3. The Crash

Also, thanks to all you loyal Markfive readers who made today, August 30, 2006, the day of our new record for page views in 24 hours: 77! Keep up the good work!


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