Facebook + iTunes Electronic Sampler

Technically all of the samplers so far have been electronic, since they didn’t release them on vinyl LPs or anything, but I suppose in this case they’re talking about the genre.

The latest 25 free songs from iTunes provided via Facebook.com were released today, and this time the genre was Electronica. This should be good.

  1. Tricycle
  2. Circles
  3. I Like It Like That (Main Mix)
    Roy Davis Jr.
  4. Face the Music (Kascade Club Mix Edit)
    Conjure One
  5. Let It Rock
    Kid 606
  6. Tell It Like You Mean It
  7. Way Ahead
    Paris Zax
  8. Far Away (Radio Vocal Mix)
    Todd Edwards
  9. Sao Verought
    Voom Voom
  10. Silent Shout
    The Knife
  11. Punkture
  12. Mirando a las Muchachas
    Mexican Institute of Sound
  13. Cherry
    Lisa Shaw
  14. Sambaleias
    Sao Paris
  15. Grace (Anxiety)
  16. Here (In Your Arms)
  17. City Of Love
    Persephone’s Bees
  18. Not the Concept
  19. Release the Pressure
  20. Sean
  21. Deeper
  22. Swanky Shovel
  23. All This Love
    The Similou
  24. Tamarindio
    Adrian Quesada & Ocote Soul Sounds
  25. Weird Science (Facebook Edit)
    James Zabiela

One surprise: track 16 by Hellogoodbye. Generally, the band is considered to be scene/punk, but with artists like Head Automatica (featured in this month’s Alternative Press), digital techniques are finding their way into every genre.

I’ve been backed up lately; I still have to review the Hip Hop playlist and now this one. Expect write-ups before the end of this week.


One response to “Facebook + iTunes Electronic Sampler

  1. I just joined Apple Students today so I’m a few weeks late on the downloading. I was a bit taken aback by seeing Hellogoodbye as one of this week’s freebies, too. According to Wiki they’re Powerpop. I’ve always just known them as Indie though.

    When I saw your Music Library I automatically thought I was looking at my own iTunes playlist. We happen to have a lot of the same albums. Good taste on your part.

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