djay: Making Mixing Easier than Cuisinart

Attention all users of Mac! A sweet new program called djay has just been released. It’s a beginner’s djay booth complete with…

…two “turntables,” which play mp3s like vinyl records, a cross-fader and customizable EQs for both tracks. It can play two songs simultaneously, and moving the virtual needle will fast-forward or rewind the song playing. The EQ can be set for each song separately, and there are also some cool effects you can apply like a 10 or 31-band equalizer, a compressor, and others. You can even “scratch” the vinyl by clicking and dragging the record.

It’s not hard to use at all and a convenient sidebar will show all your iTunes songs. Just click and drag to a turntable to play! While it can’t play protected media, it can play just about everything else iTunes can, so your collection shouldn’t be that limited. You can also use Apple’s Bonjour network to mix across the web.

Get it here

This program is available for Mac OS X only, but it will run on Intel or PowerPC Macs. Now, download djay and get mixing!

Images courtesy djay site.


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