Update: Facebook+iTunes Alternative List

Facebook+iTunes released another weekly list this past Monday, and in a huge shift, they moved from rock to alternative…

I like this list a bit better than the rock list, mainly because the songs on the Alt list are much more unique; the Rock list’s songs seem repetitive and old.

Here are my favorite tracks from the Alt list (in their original order):

  1. Blankest Year
    Nada Surf
    –This is a relaxed yet upbeat song. The half-time drum beat and full-time tambourine work well together, and the lyrics are pretty enjoyable too. It’s a good, happy song that is perfect for summer.
  2. Crosses
    José González
    –This is a sharp contrast from Nada Surf’s song: rather than being upbeat and fast, this one is quiet and more meditative. At first it sounds a bit like Kansas’ Dust In The Wind, but you’ll quickly hear the song’s more more modern tone. For deep listening only.
  3. Peace And Hate
    The Submarines
    –Good synth effects and a machine-made drum beat start out this relaxing springtimey track. It soon grows into a slower rock song with a female vocal accompinament. Again, for deep listening only.
  4. Blackened Blue Eyes
    The Charlatans UK
    –Uh oh, a piano band. I’m such a sucker for piano bands. This is definitely a good song, though: I’m a big fan of the sultry guitar chords that give this song a less refined feel. Enjoy anytime of year
  5. The One Thing I Have Left
    Hawk Nelson
    –You’ve probably heard something like this before. This track seems more like punk rock than alt rock, but whatever the difference, the song is great. The catchy guitars and abrupt rhythm changes make the song great. A great track for driving in your car. Also, I love one of the opening lines, “I may be allergic to myself.”
  6. Black and White Movie
    Janove Ottesen
    –Another piano band! But these guys have trumpets too, at least in the intro and chorus, and this makes all the difference. This song is distinctively alternative and reminds me a bit of Beck.
  7. Rise From The Ashes
    –It’s not very long or innovative, but it’s loud and fast, just the way I like my rock. Again, this song seems a lot like punk rock, but genre doesn’t matter: it’s a great song. Good track for driving, or easy listening in general.
  8. Mama’s Room
    Under The Influence Of Giants
    –Wow. This track has a great groove. It’s a great mix of jazz and rock, and it especially takes me back to the days when you couldn’t escape from synthesizers. However, this track doesn’t over-use electronic instruments, making it less derivative and more unique. Thanks to Brian for pointing this track out before I’d even downloaded the list.

Facebook+iTunes did a much better job with this list (in my opinion). There are a lot of good tracks on this list that just barely didn’t make the list. I really encourage downloading this one if you can, while you can.

PS: Part 2 of my Summer Sampler is coming out soon. Maybe Sunday.

PS again: I’ve updated the billboard to basically include these tracks.


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