Song of the Week: August 17, 2006

Woah, summer’s almost up…Not cool. While this fact might be depressing, this week’s song is far from that.

This was one of my favorite songs of the Facebook+iTunes rock sampler. I loved this band’s second album Start Something, it was a loud, 100%-rock party that made me want to jump up and mosh. Too bad there wasn’t anyone to mosh with…

This song continues the band’s style, but still manages to be somewhat new and interesting. One guitar and vocals start out the song, but the drums quickly follow as does the rest of the band. The drum fills are pretty nice and varied and the song has a good overall rhythm. I’ve always liked the way the band has developed their guitar sound. It’s not a typical rock sound until you get into the chorus.

The lyrics are not the song’s strong suit. They aren’t very deep or innovative, but they fit the simple theme of the song; to quote, “Scream your heart out.” It also seemed like the song is over too quickly, although it passes the four-minute mark. Still, this song is catchy, especially if you like the band.

This week’s song is Rooftops (A Liberation Broadcast) by Lostprophets.

Rooftops (A Liberation Broadcast) is availble on Lostprophets’ 2006 album Liberation Transmission available now from Sony.

Buy this song from iTunes

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