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Let’s face it: it’s Sunday, you have nothing better to do (which is why you’re reading this), and you need some new tunes. Well, I have the solution: (Dialup users beware: there are lots of images in this post)

For those unfamiliar, is like a custom internet radio. It’s a free service (with paid options for those extremely dedicated) that allows yo u to make the radio station you want to listen to. Love RHCP but love Audioslave too? Create a “Similar Artist” station that plays all the classic Chili Peppers and Audioslave jams along with artists that are similar. It’s community-based and a great way to hear new music.

They also support “Scrobbling,” a way to share what you listen to on, iTunes, or even your iPod to anyone on the internet.

So here’s how to get started:

  1. Go to No dawt com’s or anything, which I love. Click on the huge, un-missable Download Now button. It’ll automatically detect what operating system you’re using (Mac, Windows, and Linux versions available)
  2. Make sure you confirm your email address and install everything properly. Open the software and enter your new username and password.
  3. Now we can have some fun! How to:
  • Create a custom radio station:
    • Change “Tabs” to “Artist”
    • Type in an artist that you like. For this example, I’ll type “Fall Out Boy”
    • You’ll notice that the artist names are all different sizes. Closer matches to the artist you typed in will be bigger. Select all the artists you want to hear on your station. It will play those artists and artists similar to the ones you’ve chosen!
    • Artists you’ve chosen will appear at the bottom of the window. Once you’re satisfied, click the big Play button and enjoy!
  • Scrobble your tracks to Myspace
    • With the program open, any track you play will automatically be “scrobbled.” Your account has a custom feed to what you’ve been listening to.
    • can create charts for Myspace or other sites to let visitors to your web page know what you’ve been listening to
    • Step 1: Make sure you have scrobbling enabled. Clicking that tiny button in the lower-right corner will enable or disable scrobbling
    • Step 2: Make a chart! Click on “Tools”, then “Charts” in the site
    • Myspace codes are on the right, on the left you can select how your list is generated (EG by recent artists, songs, etc.)
    • Scroll down to select the chart style you want
    • Copy the code
    • Go to Myspace and paste it where you want (i recommend the “About Me” section)
    • Check out that sweet Myspace Chart!
  • Another useful feature is the “Loved Tracks” function.
      • If you like (or “love”) a track, just click the “Love” button
    • Loved tracks will be saved in the “My Profile” tab so you can recover them later. Only paying members can play the tracks again or listen to the “Loved Radio”

Well, there you have it: the unofficial “get started” guide to courtesy of Markfive. Enjoy your new tunes and website!

Please note that this guide was created using a Mac, things may look a little different on Windows or Linux.


2 responses to “Markfive Guide to

  1. Derek only mentioned linux because of me (im gonna go in a corner and cry about not having any friends now…)

  2. last fm is pretty nifty

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