Song Of The Week: August 3, 2006

As if the review of Silverstein’s Discovering The Waterfront weren’t enough, here’s this week’s song: a classic, timeless rock ballad everyone should hear

When you think about classic American rock bands, some pretty impressive names come up: Queen, Guns and Roses and this week’s feature band Journey. While in Vancouver, I decided to pick up their Greatest Hits album, which has some absolutely huge songs. It’s an album that will certainly please any Journey fan.

The song I’ve selected this week is perfect blend of classic piano and squealing guitars. It starts out slow setting up its timeless story. It then breaks into a slightly faster guitar-driven intro verse. It then breaks into the main verse with defining drums…then into an incredible guitar solo that builds to the pinnacle of the song; the lead singer belts the song’s title in the song’s glorious culmination. Then, over almost too soon, it fades out.

The lyrics in this song are timeless, which is a main reason why I chose this song. I also chose it because I feel that people need to be reacquainted with classic rock ballads. Anyone who listens to music, new or old, needs to know this song. You’ve probably heard it before, and it’s probably been stuck in your head more than once. Do yourself a favor and check out this week’s song (if you don’t already have it): Don’t Stop Believin’

Journey’s Don’t Stop Believin’ is available on their Greatest Hits album as well as others. Available via Sony Music Entertainment

Buy Don’t Stop Believin’ on iTunes ($1)


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