Song of the Week: June 22, 2006

This week's song was recently featured on the Fueled By Ramen Summer Audio Sampler and is about to become the band's first single…

They're an up-and-coming group wiht a quite unique sound: mostly attributed to their female lead singer, whose voice sounds a bit like that of (ugh) Avril Lavigne, but more punk (phew). They lyrics are interesting and very poetic and although they are a bit love-song-ish, the band makes them blend well into the track, driven by ODed guitars and powerful drums. The whole band just works well together, especially in difficult transitions between slower and faster tempo. 
They are by far the best band with a female singer I've heard, and they definately have the potential to become something great. They are somewhat undeservedly overshadowed by other, bigger bands on the FBR label, but I'm hoping that their time on this year's Warped Tour stages will propel them to the fame they deserve. As you can see, I love this band, so without further ado…

The June 22, 2006 song of the week is:

Paramore – Emergency (Available free on Purevolume; opens in new window)
Paramore's debut album All We Know Is Falling was released July 2005 on Fueled By Ramen Records.


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