The $11 Wide-Angle Camera Lens

Want that awesome fisheye effect of a wide-angle lens without having to shell out hundreds or thousands of dollars for that hot DSLR?

In case you don't know, my second hobby (after music) is photography. I've got a pocket-size Canon S400 that has served me well for about 4 years. However, I've often been attracted to the multitude of features available on a SLR camera, such as a wide-angle lens. Of course, I can't really afford a nice DSLR, so, like many others, I improvise.

Lookoing around on Digg, I discovered this site. It shows you how a simple, cheap, hardware store purchase can make quite awesome fisheye pictures. I've uploaded some unedited samples I took on my Flickr page and am happy to report that the DIY project works well! If you're at all into photography, check this out!


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