Song (Band) of the Week: May 26, 2006

A new discovery! A new band found among all the garbage out there! How exciting!

Now, if you know me, you know what kind of music I'm into. This band is on the same label as former favorites The Academy Is… and Fall Out Boy. Some of the bands on that label aren't really anything to shout about, but this one really caught my ear. Remember how Panic! At the Disco was so innovative and fresh when their debut album ("A Fever You Can't Sweat Out," Fueled By Ramen 2005) was released? This band is equally as innovative without the weird dramatic vibe that P!ATD's album had.

Now don't get me wrong, this band is still quite emo, but the mix good high points with melodic lows. You could say they're a mix of Panic!, Billy Talent (don't be scared, it's not as freaky), and Fall Out Boy. From my initial listenings, I am very impressed with this young band. Their debut album Wonderland (Fueled By Ramen) was released just this year. They are currently on the Stampeding Machines Tour with Gatsby's American Dream, Horse the Band, and Portugal the Man. I especially love their rhythm (being a drummer myself) and their album art. Yes, I partially judge an album by its cover. At any rate, be sure to keep an eye on these guys, they could be the next big thing for emo. Here's Forgive Durden

1. Ants
2. Beware The Jubjub Bird And Shun The Frumious Bandersnatch
3. Ear To Ear
4. Parable Of The Sower
5. Il Tango Della Signora Francesco di Bartolommeo di Zanobi del Giocondo
6. A Dead Person Breathed On Me!
7. The Great Affair Is To Move
8. Harry Frazee and No, No, Nannette
9. For A Dreamer, Night's The Only Time Of Day
10. I've Got A Witch Mad At Me And You Could Get In Trouble
11. Cue The Sun

Forgive Durden – Wonderland (iTunes Music Store Link)
Forgive Durden on purevolume (Sample some of the band's songs)

I expect to have a full review of this album up as soon as I run out and buy it. For now, here's the Song of the Week:

Forgive Durden – For A Dreamer, Night's The Only Time Of Day
From their debut album Wonderland, released 2006 on Fueled By Ramen
(also available online-only on purevolume)


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