Song of the Week: May 5 (4), 2006

notes copy.pngSo I missed the usual Thursday deadline. I had this little social event called "Prom." I didn't really have a choice; I had to go. But it was all right (read: wowhowamazingwasthatIcantevenusethespacebar). And even though yesterday was prom, and most of my viewing audience went to said event, we still had the most unique visits to this site since April 31's record-high of 24 (we had 17 yesterday). It may not seem like a lot, but it's a lot better than the 2 or 3 I was getting earlier.

I had some trouble finding this week's song. It seems my music collection will have to grow considerably for this system to work out. But given what yesterday was (Prom, if you've forgot), I thought this choice was all too appropriate. It starts out with a slow, methodical piano melody. The slow, drawn-out tempo makes it almost depressing. But soon, the song transforms into a more upbeat, but still gentle tune with drums as slow as the piano. Then the acoustic guitar comes in and this song turns into something more familiar. Before you know it, in comes the crash cymbal for the song's victory-feeling climax. The drums become more hectic as violins remind us of the song's slow, mournful beginning. Then, all of a sudden, it drops off; returning to the way the song began. Sound familiar? It should, this one used to be all over radio waves and Myspace pages everywhere:

Straylight Run: Existentialism on Prom Night (Unavailble on iTunes)
From their self-titled album released 2004 on the label Victory Records


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