Song of the Week: April 29, 2006

notes copy.pngHey all, I'm back (almost on time) and I've got another song of the week for you, my surprisingly large viewing audience. I'd just like to take the chance to thank everyone who's been visiting my site and giving me more and more hits. I love to see the number of visitors to my site steadily increasing; I really appreciate it!

Now onto business. This week's selection comes courtesy of a very close friend's MySpace page. I heard it while looking through her Spring Break montage and thought, "wow, what a good end-credits, cruising down Ocean Avenue [no, it's not Yellowcard], partying on the block song."

This band is actually very skilled at crafting a song, and this track is no exception. It starts out slow, with only vocals and acoustic guitar, but builds upon that with a tight drum fill. Then come the loud and overdriven guitars accompanied with plenty of crash cymbals. It's a pretty standard rhythm, with (for you drum aficionadoes) regular snare beats in the verse and a slight variation of that in the chorus. The verse is actually very interesting, alternating slow/reserved portions with loud/unchecked ones, ultimately leading up to a "victory-song" chorus that never looks back. The pace and style is very reminiscent of old Fall Out Boy (2003's Take This to Your Grave), seeing as how this is a fairly old track of this particular band.

So, without further ado…

The Starting Line: Best of Me (iTunes Music Store link)
From the album Say It Like You Mean It released 2002

Oh, and before I go, I'd just like to note that for the sake of all you rock-haters out there, we'll be adding more writers and more genres in the future to experiment with a wider variety of music. Keep checking back for future details. Also, feel free to tell me how I'm doing! I really would love to hear helpful criticism and compliments in the form of comments. One user beat me to this request and suggested that I comment more upon the musical form of the song, which I tried to do in this post (making it noticeably longer). So I should probably end it now. Now. 


2 responses to “Song of the Week: April 29, 2006

  1. good work, markfive. very descriptive. why dont you post the number of hits on your blog. when are the other writers gonna show up?

  2. I like how you include the album art and iTunes store link. Great work.

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