New Fad: Dani California

Looks like there's a new song that everyone's dying to hear: the Red Hot Chili Peppers' Dani California. Here in Detroit, it's topped 89X's (88.7FM) playlist tonight, and has already seen some playtime on the WRIF (101.1FM), a station normally inclined to play the darker likes of new rock (Staind and Godsmack, to name a few).

The song is the only one released from the band's upcoming album Stadium Arcadium, which is set to drop May 9. It's a solid jam, and I especially like the chorus. It's a song with a classic style and tempo, but still manages to be new and exciting, a style the band is known for having mastered.

Dani California is currently available on iTunes. Preordering the album there will also score a code that will yield discounted Peppers tickets for their upcoming tour. And yes, one of their stops will be in Detroit.

Local station 89X is sponsoring a contest that will send the band to your very own backyard for a concert, bringing some summer goodies like a new hot tub and barbeque for you to keep. Sounds like a hot deal, even if it didn't include the hot tub.

Red Hot Chili Peppers: Dani California


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