Spring Break Rock-Out!

It's finally here, the Spring Break/Playlist of the Month. If you're looking to rock out this break, check out my new playlist. It's particularly nice for driving with the windows/top down on a warm spring night. Enjoy:

  1. SR-71: Right Now
  2. Jack's Mannequin: Holiday from Real
  3. Fall Out Boy: 7 Minutes in Heaven
  4. Spitalfield: I love the WayShe Said "L.A."
  5. The Starting Line: Bedroom Talk
  6. Green Day: She's A Rebel
  7. Hot Hot Heat: You Owe Me an IOU
  8. Motion City Soundtrack: Time Turned Fragile
  9. Blink-182: Another Girl Another Planet
  10. Something Corporate: I Woke Up In A Car
  11. MxPx: Kings of Hollywood

11 songs, 36 minutes.

Download on iTunes (NOTE: the iTunes version does not have track 4 available. That one you'll have to get yourself)


One response to “Spring Break Rock-Out!

  1. spiffy new layout man

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