Celebrity Lookalikes!

I just found out about this new site "MyHeritage.com." It's useless but fun to see anyways. You upload a picture of yourself (or of your friends, if you so choose) and it runs the image through a celebrity database to match your face with celebrities. Here are some of the matches I got:

The picture I used was this one:

The matches?

  1. Elijah Wood (Yeah, I destroyed Sauron. Wanna see my scar?)
  2. Klaus Kinski (no idea who he is, but he was dressed up in armor in the picture they provided. I don't look like him)
  3. Ringo Starr (This makes up for the miss with Mr. Kinski: being compared to Ringo is just great because I'm a drummer)
  4. Michael Vartan (Remember that show "Alias"?)
  5. Hilary Rodham Clinton (I can't make this stuff up)
  6. Gong Li (Another woman. Great.)
  7. Ronaldo
  8. Tom Berenger (?)
  9. Victoria Principal (??????)

There you have it. It's a fun little diversion worth the time spent signing up for the account. You have to admit: Ringo? Michael Vartan? Ronaldo? A lot of famous people have the fortune of looking like me. You're welcome guys, don't mention it.


One response to “Celebrity Lookalikes!

  1. Spiffy, although that pic you used is kinda weird, not to mention the blue tint on your face.

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