Song of the Week: 03302006

notes copy.pngYes, I am capable of doing something regularly on this blog: it's time yet again for the song of the week, this time for March 30, 2006 (MMVI).

This one was a tough choice: there were a lot of good choices and given my luck with Prom dates, I could've gone depressing and slow on you all. And in a way, this song is a bit sad-sounding, given the singer's voice. But, given the upbeat tempo, it's hard to consider this one depressing. So, without much more ado, here it is…..

The Academy Is…: Skeptics and True Believers
(Click the link to see the song in iTunes)

It starts out slow and deliberate, but steadily gains steam as the other instruments are integrated, then harmonics…then without warning, you're thrown into the chorus. It has a powerful sound that is hard to ignore, and because of the way it manages to be serious yet upbeat, it gets the song of the week.

Now for something somewhat different: In keeping with the "…of the week" formula, I'll soon be starting a less-regular, yet still entertaining segment: Playlist of the Month. The first PotM will be released early April 2006 both on this blog and in the iTunes Music Store. Check back for more info.

Oh, before I go, you might have noticed that if you click the link of the song under the album art, it will take you to iTunes. If you're into the whole "legal" thing. Whatever floats your boat.

Happy birthday, Caroline.


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