Yes, I’m Still Here!

notes copy.pngTime to introduce something I can actually (read: probably)[read: maybe] keep up with:

Song. Of. The. Week.

Not necessarily a song released this week, but one I've found within my library that needs sharing with you all, my adoring audience of 5.

Safri Duo

This week's song: Ritmo De La Noche by Safri Duo
This track is supremely relaxing, combining a dance drum line with Latin drums and styles supplimenting. It's got a solid beat, calm voices, and manages to be both relaxing and uplifting at the same time. If you like dance music; if you like Latin music, chances are you'll like this song. Go download it*

*Obligatory disclaimer: In no way do I formally condone the hopefully-soon-to-be-legal-but-still-illegal practice of downloading songs of artists signed to record labels, such as the afformentioned artist, without paying for the song itself. That being said, refer to the last 3 words before this disclaimer.


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