Recently, a very good friend of mine directed me to a little ‘net gem known as Pandora. It was created by the Music Genome Project, and is an impressive piece of web programming.

It basically creates an internet radio station for you. Just type in an artist or song, and it searches for that song, and songs similar to it. You may be skeptical, and I was…at first. I typed in Fall Out Boy first, and it gave me a FOB song, but also songs from many other punk/alt/whatever artists, some of which I’d never heard of before. It’s a great idea, and while it has its flaws (the number of songs you play in an hour is limited, and you can’t replay a previous song, and the music controls are weak) it’s a good start and seems to be very community-friendly. Go ahead and check it out, it’s quite the cool:



One response to “Pandora

  1. WOOT pandora is sweet

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